Home birth summit seeks to create consensus among stakeholders

Planned home birth, while representing fewer than 1% of births in the United States, has generated intense and often polarizing debate in this country, even as elsewhere (e.g., Canada and the United Kingdom), efforts are underway to expand access to integrated home birth services. A grant from the Transforming Birth Fund has been designated for the purpose of convening a U.S. Home Birth Consensus Summit to find a rational path forward. According to a statement from the American College of Nurse-Midwives, “Invited participants will include representatives from a variety of stakeholder sectors in positions to inform and influence a change process, and/or commit to measurable steps, including consumers and consumer advocates, home birth midwives, maternal/child health collaborating providers (including pediatrics and nursing), obstetricians (including at least one family practice obstetrician and one resident), hospital systems and administration, health plans and liability insurers, health policymakers, legislators and regulators, and public health, epidemiology, and research professionals.”

Filed in Blueprint, Clinical controversies, News on Sun., Mar 6, 2011