From the Field: California Statewide Obstetric Hemorrhage Collaborative

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Project Title

Statewide Obstetric Hemorrhage Collaborative, #1: 2010 and #2:2011

Name of organization, agency, or institution

California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative

Primary Contact Name and Title

Christine Morton, PhD, Program Manager/Research Sociologist

Project Aim and Goals

The primary aim of this collaborative is to improve California hospital capabilities and resources for responding to obstetric hemorrhage by increasing the use of protocols and drills and by improving availability of and training in standard and state-of-the-art medical, surgical and blood replacement options. Obstetric (OB) hemorrhage is a leading cause of pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality but has major opportunities for improved outcomes. CMQCC’s Hemorrhage Task Force (HTF) developed Obstetric Hemorrhage Tools and a Compendium of Best Practices to educate and train obstetric teams to improve processes of care and outcomes surrounding maternal hemorrhage. The collaborative will provide the means for making and measuring improvements in obstetrics hemorrhage care in 20-30 California hospitals.

Indicators we are using to measure change include outcomes measures during the birth admission including: (# women transfused; # blood products transfused; # women receiving massive transfusion; # women who had hysterectomies, stratified by presence of a placental abnormality).  We also track process measures relating to the implementation of the OB Hemorrhage Toolkit

Blueprint Area(s) Addressed

Strategies Used

Toolkits for Project Implementation or Replication

The Obstetric Hemorrhage Tools and a Compendium of Best Practices are freely available on our website,, as are a Hospital Level Implementation Guide and a Clinician Education Slide Set.

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