State Legislative Action: A Bill to Reduce Early Births, Costs in Minnesota

Title of Legislation

Maternity provisions included in Minnesota House (HF 927) and Senate (SF 760) health care bills.


This legislation would alter the organization of and payment for maternity services by:

  • creating a mechanism to deny Medicaid payment for elective deliveries before 39 weeks
  • bundling payment for the full episode of maternity care for low-risk women, enabling access to midwives and birth centers providing high-quality, high-value care
  • developing standards and a certification process for “pregnancy care homes”

Information in the Media

Minn. Lawmakers Consider Bills To Avoid Early Births, Cut Costs (National Partnership for Women and Families Daily Policy Report, 4/26/11)

Legislators take issue with Minnesota’s millions spent on unnecessary early labor (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 4/24/11)

White Paper: Pregnancy Care Reform 2011 (, April 2011) – An overview of the Pregnancy Care Home concept


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