Federal Legislative Action: Partnering to Improve Maternity Care Quality Act of 2010

Note 4/4/11: This important bill has not yet been reintroduced in the 2011 session of Congress. We will keep this page up to date with the most current information.

Title of Legislation

H.R.6437 – Partnering to Improve Maternity Care Quality Act of 2010


The Partnering to Improve Maternity Care Quality Act would:

  • Identify an initial set of national, evidence-based, quality consensus measures that assess processes, outcomes, and the value of maternity care provided to Medicaid and CHIP (Child Health Plus) beneficiaries
  • Adapt the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) facility, provider, and health plan surveys to assess the experience of care of childbearing women and newborns
  • Develop a standardized format for reporting to give feedback to providers and information to patients, purchasers, and policy makers, and request the voluntary reporting of maternity care quality measures
  • Develop the initial maternity care Quality Data Set to enable electronic health records to routinely collect and report the maternity care quality measures
  • Create a national demonstration project to identify and evaluate emerging payment reform mechanisms that support high-quality, high-value care (e.g. bundled payment for a full episode of care for women and newborns)
  • Authorize an Institute of Medicine report to identify a package of essential evidence-based maternity care services for childbearing women and newborns.

Blueprint Area(s) Addressed

Strategies Used

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