From the Field: Patient Safety and Patient & Family-Centered Care

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Project Title

Patient Safety and Patient & Family-Centered Care

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New Hampshire Patient Voices

Primary Contact Name and Title

Lori Nerbonne, Co-Founder/Executive Director

Project Aim and Goals

NH Patient Voices’s mission is education and advocacy for safe, quality, compassionate healthcare that puts patients & their families at the center of care in both policy and practice. Since 2005, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring the collective voice of patients to healthcare providers, administrators, legislators, public policy, and public health leaders.

Blueprint Area(s) Addressed

Strategies Used


We include maternity care resources for consumers and providers on our website. Last year, we proposed amendments to a maternal-mortality review panel bill that passed with all three amendments: (NH House Bill #1553)

  1. That a public member be added.
  2. That the family be interviewed as part of the review process.
  3. That a public report be made available outlining the work of the panel.
We have and are serving on committees at the state, regional and national level (CDC, DHHS, NH DHHS, Comparative Effectiveness Council) working to reduce healthcare-associated infections, reduce medical errors and improve healthcare quality in all sectors; including maternal-child health.
We are also in the midst of forming a New England collaborative called NEVER (Northeast Voices for Error Reduction) made up of representatives from New England states who work on patient safety public policy. News releases about our group will be published in late the summer/fall of 2011.


Do Expensive Buildings Improve Health Care? (Concord Monitor, 03/03/11)

NH Patient Advocacy Group Becoming a Nonprofit (Boston Globe, 09/06/10)

Firm Links Patients, Providers (Toledo Blade, 03/28/11)


We include maternity care resources for consumers and providers on our website.

Toolkit for Project Implementation or Replication

Partnering to Heal
Press Release
Co-Founder and Executive Director Lori Nerbonne worked on the DHHS-Office of Healthcare Quality’s committee that produced training videos for providers and patients on reducing HAI’s (Healthcare-Associated Infections). They are free to download and specifically address changing the culture of facilities around prevention.  HAI’s and sepsis are a leading cause of complications and preventable death in maternity patients as well as the general population.

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Lori Nerbonne, at

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