From the Field: Every Birth Deserves a Doula

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Every Birth Deserves a Doula

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Purple Lotus Doulas

Project Aim and Goals

In our local area (St. Louis, MO), access to doulas has largely been for those with the knowledge, money and opportunity (i.e. middle class, white women). Purple Lotus Doulas was founded as a collective of doulas who are dedicated to providing doula services across the full spectrum of women and pregnancy, regardless of any socio-economic or other issues. Each of the doulas in our collective has worked with a variety of populations, either on a professional or volunteer basis. Although we do accept private, for pay clients, we are all available for reduced pay or free doula services. We are also active in the birth community, with the goals to improve access to health services, change or maintain laws that benefit our target populations, and provide education to the general public.

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Doulas Aren’t Just for Births Anymore (Columbia News Service, 4/22/11)


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