It’s Patient Safety Day – Safety Resources for Maternity Care

I just flew home from a family vacation yesterday, and while I worked to soothe my 7-year old’s jittery nerves as the plane took off, the headlines that air travel is safer than hospitalization was little solace to me. That’s because I’m aware of the statistics that hospitalization is far too often simply unsafe. In fact, the Institute of Medicine has estimated that the number of people who die as a result of medical errors and hospital acquired infections is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every single day. 

There is much room for improvement in patient safety in all areas of health care and maternity care is no exception. Thankfully the growing safety field and consumer movement have produced many examples of improvements that make care safer and avert preventable deaths and injuries.

Since July 25 is Patient Safety Day, we’ve pulled together a round up the patient safety resources available from the Transforming Maternity Care community to galvanize action for safe care of mothers and babies.

 What are you doing to improve the safety of mothers and babies?

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