From the Field: Home Birth Consensus Summit

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Project Title

Home Birth Consensus Summit

Primary Contact Name and Title

Angela Moore, Project Coordinator

Project Aim and Goals

Rates of planned home birth in the United States have remained low for several decades, but women are increasing their interest in this option. Women today want and expect choices for childbirth without compromising quality of care. Choice of birth site – home, hospital, or birth center – is not an option for many expectant mothers.

Safety of birth in any setting is of utmost priority. Maternity care providers and researchers in the U.S. disagree about appropriate settings for birth. Ultimately, women and families are ill-served by inter-professional conflict. The current debate on home birth indicates the need for constructive discussion and consensus-building. Successful collaboration between health professionals has been found to result in improved experience and outcomes for consumers.

The Home Birth Consensus Summit will be organized in a way that is most likely to foster the dialogue needed to find common ground and spark constructive action that will ultimately benefit all stakeholder groups. This summit will encourage dialogue among health care professionals, consumers, policy makers, and other leaders from disciplines that support maternity care, with the shared goal of identifying a common agenda for the provision of birth services in the U.S.

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Strategies Used

  • Consensus Development


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