Making women and families our maternity care system’s “unwavering focus and fully-engaged agents for change”

The prosperity of a nation is tied fundamentally to the health and well-being of its citizens. It follows, then, that citizens—each one a past, current, or future patient—should represent both the healthcare system’s unwavering focus, and its fully engaged agents for change.

This passage begins the new report from the Institute of Medicine’s Learning Health System Series, Patients Charting the Course: Citizen Engagement in the Learning Health System. This report builds on themes addressed in the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report, Crossing the Quality Chasm, which also formed the foundation for the Transforming Maternity Care 2020 Vision. In defining woman-centered care, the 2020 Vision Report acknowledges:

  • Pregnancy and birth are unique for each woman.
  • To promote positive maternity care experiences, care teams engage in high-quality relationships with women and their families, based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Caregivers and settings have a powerful effect on childbearing women.

In honor of Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month, we have collected some resources to help make maternity care more woman- and family-centered and engage maternity care consumers in system transformation.

How are you making women and families our maternity care system’s “unwavering focus and fully engaged agents of change?” Tell us in the comments or add your project to our TMC Directory. Speaking of woman-centeredness, for a limited time, we’re giving 100 free copies of our Rights of Childbearing Women brochure to qualifying organizations and individuals contributing to our Directory.

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One Response to “Making women and families our maternity care system’s “unwavering focus and fully-engaged agents for change””

  1. Aruho Boaz says:

    This wonderful,am presently engaging the community in ensuring there is increased facility based deliveries in my catchment area.Mbale Maternity Home is using its recently acquired Ambulance through the Rotary of Lake-Shore Montreal Canada to mobilize and pick mothers from the village in hard to reach areas to the Maternity Home.The results are amazing.Together we shall cause a meaningful change in our communities.