Multi-state collaborative works to improve pre- and inter-conception health

A recent Issue Brief from the Commonwealth Fund highlights a multi-state collaboration to improve pre- and inter-conception health for women insured by Medicaid.  The Louisiana Birth Outcomes Initiative, a cross-departmental, public–private effort to improve the outcomes of Louisiana’s births, was one of the participating state programs. This state-wide initiative adopted multi-stakeholder process employed by Childbirth Connection to develop the Blueprint for Action, and engaged Childbirth Connection as a partner in program planning.

From the Issue Brief Overview:

As part of a peer-to-peer learning project, seven Medicaid agencies worked to develop the programs, policies, and infrastructures needed to identify and reduce women’s health risks either prior to or between pregnancies. The states also identified public health strategies. These strategies led to a policy checklist to help leaders in other states identify improvement opportunities that fit within their programs’ eligibility requirements, quality improvement objectives, and health system resources. Many of the identified programs and policies may help states use the upcoming expansion of the Medicaid program to improve women’s health and thereby reduce adverse birth outcomes.

This project provides an example of the power of collaboration to enhance local improvement efforts – an impact that underpins the work of all quality collaboratives. Sharing data, best practices, and lessons learned prevents states and other stakeholders from having to reinvent the wheel, and provides support to sustain improvement efforts in the face of barriers. Learn more and download the Issue Brief from The Commonwealth Fund.

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