Transforming Maternity Care eNews Archive

2013 TMC eNews

March: Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act introduced; IOM examines birth settings; Americans want more support for breastfeeding; Shared Decision Making Month shines spotlight on maternity; Commission issues payment reform blueprint; 95 Years, Baby!

February: Choosing Wisely in maternity care; Hospital rates of early elective deliveries are falling; ACNM and AABC visit Congress; Doulas can reduce Medicaid costs; It’s Been 95 Years, Baby!: Looking back on our first decade

2012 TMC eNews

October: National initiative takes aim at c-sections in low-risk women, early elective deliveries; AWHONN webinar reviews benefits of spontaneous labor; IHI “How-To Guide”  helps hospitals reduce obstetric harm; Campaign reintroduces midwifery to the public; Tool maps maternity care disparities; Health care reform increases transparency of maternity coverage in health plans

August: Guidelines outline essential maternity benefits; New breastfeeding resources; Evidence Based Practice Center reviews nitrous oxide; States work to improve preconception health; Health care reform gives a boost to breastfeeding

July: Advocacy materials raise awareness of rights of childbearing women; Investigative journalists collect stories of patient harm; NQF endorses more quality measures; Lamaze launches Push for Your Baby campaign; Consensus statement addresses physiologic birth; UK program offers safety toolkit; Midwife-attended births on the rise

May: Enroll in IHI’s Perinatal Improvement Community; Protect the rights of pregnant workers; NQF endorses more quality measures; New charts show trends and variations in hospital charges; National Health Policy Forum takes on cesareans

March: What is a maternity care home?; Florida takes on early elective delivery; Collaborative supports more hospitals become Baby-Friendly; Updated cesarean and payment resources available; Survey looks at consumer attitudes toward health IT; Birth center serves as a hub of innovation

February: 10 ways to get good maternity care; Progress in eliminating elective deliveries; CMS recommends Medicaid coverage of lactation services; New maternity payment reform resources for employers; Maternity professionals issue joint call to action; New resources on induction of labor; Hospital wins award for improving VBAC access and safety

2011 TMC eNews

October: Innovation Advisors Program seeks applicants; Louisiana Birth Outcomes Project holds improvement summit; Home Birth Summit finds common ground; Health Care Almanac features maternity care; Find resources for Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month; Nurses tackle tachysystole

September: Essay contest accepting submissions on the costs of care; Home Birth Consensus Summit will bring system stakeholders together; Maternity Care Improvement: Will It Play in Peoria?; New VBAC resources for women and advocates; Registration open for September 28 patient safety webinar; New government resource shows how Health IT is transforming health care; ACOG and ACNM recognize successful models of collaborative practice

August: Survey seeks information on pregnancy internet use; Join IHI’s Perinatal Improvement Community; 16 hospitals work together to improve safety; Webinar will address safety in maternity care; New standards for systematic reviews and clinical guidelines; Hospital promotes post-cesarean skin-to-skin contact; Birth centers: coming soon to Illinois

July: There’s a toolkit for that!; NQF seeking perinatal care and reproductive health measures; Act locally, inspire globally; New state resources reveal 4-fold variation in birth charges; New Canadian consensus report addresses maternity care decision making; At Intermountain, process improvement drives quality, value

June: Federal grant applications for home visitation program due July 1; MOMS-21 reintroduced in Congress; New data about childbirth-related PTSD; AHRQ offers maternity care webinar; Geisinger ProvenCare shows promising results for moms and babies

May: Honor Mother’s Day, protect maternal health; Projects to collect and analyze data, improve care coordination, and reform payment systems; Major national initiatives align with maternity care reform; Preventing recurrent preterm birth

April: Announcing our new Transforming Maternity Care Partnership web site; Health 2.0 Challenge Winner; New content for women: Understanding & Navigating the Maternity Care System.

February: Prize for visualizing variations in maternity care; New resources to lower rates of early elective deliveries; Transitioning to comprehensive payment reform; Secretary Sebelius urges maternity care improvements for Medicaid efficiency; Webinar will explore shared decision making in maternity care; Comprehensive patient safety program reduces adverse events, liability costs

January: Webinar will explore disparities in maternity care; Finding home birth common ground; March of Dimes issues major report on perinatal quality; U.S. leads industrialized nations in maternity care costs; Media gets savvy about maternity care

2010 TMC eNews

December: Another maternity care quality bill filed in Congress; New resources for advocacy; Louisiana launches birth outcomes project; Leading employers launch bold payment reform initiative; Better ways to pay for maternity care; Reconsidering the costs of convenience; Ohio reduces scheduled births before 39 weeks