Decision Making and Consumer Choice

Women face limited care options and lack full, balanced information on risks, benefits, and alternatives associated with various options for childbirth. Women also lack access to clear performance reporting to help them choose a caregiver and place of birth. All too often, women are not full partners with caregivers in decision-making, but rather experience care paths based on institutional routines or the preferences of care providers. Activated and informed consumers have an important role in fostering maternity care quality improvement and system performance.

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Major Recommendations and Action Steps

  1. Expand the opportunities and capacity for shared decision making processes, and tools and resources to facilitate informed choices in maternity care.
  2. Design system incentives that reward provider and consumer behaviors that lead to healthy pregnancies and high-quality outcomes.
  3. Revive and broaden the reach of childbirth education through expanded models and innovative teaching modalities.
  4. Promote a cultural shift in attitudes toward childbearing.

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