Development and Use of Health Information Technology

Current health IT is built on disparate, fragmented, and outdated information systems that have been developed to meet proprietary and local needs, not the larger values or goals of a woman- and family-centered maternity care system. Even where health systems now have EHRs, those for maternity care lag behind other areas of health, they are not designed to improve care coordination, and they still may not provide information that key stakeholders need to improve the quality of care. Properly implemented, health IT has the potential to drive widespread improvements in maternity care quality and value.

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Major Recommendations

  1. Increase interoperability across all phases and settings of maternity care by creating a core set of standardized data elements for electronic maternity care records.
  2. Increase interoperability and security among health IT systems through identification and authentication tools, as well as patient matching functionalities and other measures.
  3. Explore ways to use health IT to improve clinical care quality, efficiency, and coordination and to enable performance evaluation in these areas, and implement incentives to drive wide-spread adoption of health IT for these uses.
  4. Increase and improve consumer-based uses and platforms for health IT.

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