Performance Measurement and Leveraging of Results

We cannot improve maternity care if we don’t measure it. Currently, a comprehensive set of nationally endorsed maternity care performance measures does not exist, many types of data relevant to maternity care quality are not routinely and systematically collected, and public reporting of maternity care performance has been very limited, denying childbearing women and other stakeholders needed guidance. A high-quality, high-value maternity system cannot be achieved without a robust, evidence-based, comprehensive system for performance measurement and reporting, developed and implemented with broad stakeholder participation.

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Major Recommendations

  1. Fill gaps to attain a comprehensive set of high-quality national consensus measures to assess processes, outcomes, and value of maternity care; care coordination; and experiences of women and families.
  2. Improve availability and ease of collection of standardized maternity care data, both to encourage high-quality clinical care and to allow performance measurement and comparison.
  3. Create and implement a national system for public reporting of maternity care data to all relevant stakeholders so that it can be leveraged to improve maternity care.
  4. Use reported maternity care performance data to develop initiatives that foster improvement in the quality and value of maternity care at each level and throughout the system.

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