Data Center

The Data Center includes the following data from Childbirth Connection and our partners: Mapping Maternity Care | Facts and Figures | Listening to Mothers | Charges and Payments Data

We also keep a collection of links to other sources of useful maternity data: Hospital- and provider-level maternity statistics | State- and city- level statistics | National data | International comparison data

Mapping Health

The winner of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, this tool was designed to demonstrate geographic variation in access, procedure use, outcomes, and costs of maternity care in the United States.

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Key Facts & Figures

This fact sheet updates various national maternity statistics provided in Evidence-Based Maternity Care: What It Is and What It Can Achieve with new data now available. The most recent update was December 2012.


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Listening to Mothers Surveys

Childbirth Connection’s landmark national Listening to Mothers surveys  shed light on childbearing women’s attitudes, beliefs, preferences and knowledge, as well as maternity care practices and family and employment life. They report on many items that are not otherwise gathered at the national level. They also provide what are likely to be more accurate estimates for many items that are collected but are known to be undercounted on birth certificates and in hospital discharge records.

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Charges and Payment Data

Using data from the AHRQ Healthcare Utilization Project and the American Association of Birth Centers, these charts demonstrate variation in facility charges by site (birth center or hospital) and type of birth (vaginal with/without complications or cesarean with/without complications.)

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Charts demonstrating average provider and facility payments for maternity care in the United States versus other industrialized countries are also available.

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Other hospital- or provider-level data


The Leapfrog Hospital Survey – The Leapfrog Group, an organization representing employers working to drive quality improvement and value in health care, collects and reports data from hundreds of participating hospitals on the following quality measures (see definitions of these from NQF):

  • elective delivery prior to 39 completed weeks gestation (Leapfrog also provides a dedicated resource to compare hospitals on this measure)
  • appropriate blood clot prevention measures in women having cesareans
  • screening newborns for jaundice
  • episiotomy
  • infants under 1500g delivered at appropriate hospital

VBAC policy database – compiled by the International Cesarean Awareness Network, this database provides information about the VBAC policies of each hospital in the United States.

By state:

Alabama maternity care data, by hospital

Alaska maternity care data, by hospital and birth center

Arkansas cesarean rates, by hospital

California cesarean rates, by hospital
California maternity data, interactive map of variation across hospital service areas
California maternity data, by hospital, including breastfeeding, episiotomy, VBAC, cesarean section, and NICU availability 

Colorado cesarean rates, by hospital

Connecticut cesarean rates, by hospital

Delaware cesarean rates, by hospital

Florida cesarean rates, by hospital

Illinois cesarean rates, by hospital

Indiana cesarean rates, by hospital

Iowa cesarean rates, by hospital

Kentucky cesarean rates, by hospital

Louisiana cesarean rates, by hospital

Maine cesarean rates, by hospital

Maryland maternity care data, by hospital
Maryland newborn care data, by hospital

Massachusetts maternity care data, by hospital and birth center
Massachusetts cesarean rates, by hospital

Minnesota cesarean rates, by hospital

Mississippi cesarean rates, by hospital

Montana cesarean rates, by hospital

Nebraska cesarean rates, by hospital

Nevada cesarean rates, by hospital

New Hampshire cesarean rates, by hospital

New Jersey cesarean rates, by hospital
Other New Jersey data, including perinatal risk, breastfeeding, prenatal care

New Mexico cesarean rates, by hospital

New York maternity care data, by hospital
New York City cesarean rates, by hospital

North Carolina cesarean rates, by hospital

North Dakota cesarean rates, by hospital

Ohio maternity care data, by hospital

Oklahoma cesarean rates, by hospital

Oregon cesarean rates, by hospital

Pennsylvania cesarean rates, by hospital

Rhode Island cesarean rates, by hospital

South Dakota cesarean rates, by hospital

Tennessee cesarean data, by hospital

Texas cesarean rates, by hospital

Utah maternity care data, by hospital

Vermont cesarean rates, by hospital

Virginia maternity care data, by hospital and physician

Washington cesarean rates, by hospital

West Virginia cesarean rates, by hospital

Wisconsin cesarean rates, by hospital

Wyoming cesarean rates, by hospital

Other State or City Level Data

March of Dimes Peristats – state-level statistics including rate of preterm birth, low birth weight, multiple birth, prenatal care adequacy, maternal smoking, and infant mortality.

Kaiser State Health Facts: Mandated Maternity Coverage – compare state policies on mandated maternity coverage in the individual and small group markets.

Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC) – state-level reports of aggregate data about maternity care facilities’ breastfeeding practices, compiled by the CDC.

Other National Data

Women’s Health USA Reproductive and Maternal Health Data – an illustrated collection of current and historical data, published annually by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Other International Comparison Data

OECD Health Data – the most frequently requested data, including cesarean and infant mortality rates are available for download. Other data are available by request.

World Health Statistics – annual compilation of data from the 193 member states of the World Health Organization. Maternity data include maternal mortality, neonatal mortality and morbidity, antenatal care coverage, cesarean rate, and skilled attendance at birth.