Maternal and newborn care quality and safety courses

Below are courses designed to enhance and maintain skills necessary for providing safe maternal and newborn care. If you are aware of a course/program not listed here, please contact us.

Advances in Labor and Risk Management (ALARM): a continuing education program for intrapartum care providers from The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC)

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO): a multi-disciplinary course for managing obstetric emergencies

Care Team OB (PDF): Blends maternity care curriculum of the ALSO program with the teamwork development curriculum of the Team Strategies & Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS) program in institutional course for skills enhancement, emergency preparedness, teamwork and communication enhancements. Check with AAFP for upcoming workshops.

Managing Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma (MOET): a course for physicians in the medical and surgical management of obstetric emergencies

Managing Obstetrical Risks Efficiently (MORE OB): a comprehensive, three-year, patient safety, professional development, and performance improvement program for caregivers and administrators in hospital obstetrics units.

Practical Obstetric Multiprofessional Training (PROMPT)
: multi-professional training package for midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists endorsed by the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (UK)

STABLE Program: a course in post-resuscitation/pre-transport stabilization care of sick infants. STABLE stands for sugar and safe care, temperature, airway, blood pressure, labwork, emotional support.

Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS): A teamwork system designed for health care professionals focused on improving patient safety, which has been applied to maternity care