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From the TMC blog: Leading Change: The TMC Blog Interviews Lyn Paget about Shared Decision Making

Last month, we announced a major new partnership with the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making. The Shared Decision Making Maternity Initiative will bring high-quality, field-tested, evidence-based decision aids to all women considering their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care options. Shared decision making (SDM) is a new concept for many in the maternity care world, and maternity decision making is a new area for the SDM community, so we decided to dig a little deeper into the issues with the Foundation’s Director of Policy and Outreach, Lyn Paget, MPH. Many thanks to Lyn for being the TMC Blog’s first interview subject. We talked about why the time is right for maternity care SDM, what SDM looks like in action, and why any SDM strategy must address and overcome system barriers.

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